6 Facts about July's Birthstone: Rubies

July 13 2020 – Adriana Zamudio

Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings

July’s birthstone is the Enigmatic Ruby. 

Owning a beautiful ruby is a rare and precious thing. They are one of the most sought out gemstones, for their value, their luscious color and the mystical history that they have. Here are some alluring facts you must know about Rubies:

6 facts you must know about Rubies.

  1. The Ruby has been called the “King of precious stones“ for its rarity, hardness and beauty.
  2. Early cultures believed rubies held the power of life. Many medieval Europeans wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom and success in love.
  3. Ruby is the Latin word for Red, the color of love and passion.
  4. The most sought-after color by collectors worldwide is a deep red sometimes with a hint of purple, called “pigeon’s blood”.
  5. Rubies are resistant to scratching and other damage which makes them ideal for jewelry that’s worn every day, like rings and earrings. 
  6. Mogok, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma is the most historically important ruby source. Top-quality rubies were mined in this source.

To maintain your rubies beautifully and harm free, use only a damp cloth for cleaning them and keep them in a lined jewelry box.

Ruby Silver Earrings with Diamonds


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