This year Spring is extra special! 

April 20 2021 – Adriana Zamudio

This year Spring is extra special! 
This year Spring is extra special! 

After a whole year of staying home and putting so many things on hold, Spring is here and with the new season comes renewal and hope.


As we slowly and surely return to our joyful activities, we are considering our wardrobe and what new additions we want to make now that we will be going out more. Gold and diamond earrings are a wonderful addition to this season. 

New trends have arrived as we are looking forward to going back to school and trips, family gatherings and weekend getaways, we want to add color to our lives and also our own personal touch with personalized pieces specially made to fit our style. 

New activities and old favorites bring with them a desire for an update in clothes and new designs to add to our jewelry collection, we have done just that. Our collection of recent arrivals include beautiful settings with elegant pearls and  diamonds, add exquisite color with sapphires and emeralds.  

We are catching up on so many things: friends, weddings, anniversaries and gifts for mother´s day and mom´s to be, birthdays and baby showers. Give that special someone the gift they have been waiting for all year. 


Let's catch up! There are so many things we have to share that have been waiting for the right moment. Express your joy in small things that make you happy.  Treat yourself and while you’re doing that, treat your loved ones too. 

Get excited for everyday life´s happy moments. Wait and see what new and exciting moments we will encounter as we enter this new phase.


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