Wedding season is back

March 18 2021 – Adriana Zamudio

Wedding season is back
Wedding season is back

Weddings are back with new and exciting trends. 

All over the world couples are reinventing wedding traditions to better suit our changing world: small intimate ceremonies are replacing big parties, invitations have gone from print to digital and social media is now the photo album of happy newlyweds.

While all this change can be confusing it’s also an opportunity to think outside the box. New trends are emerging and couples are seizing the moment creating one of a kind events tailored specifically to their needs and wants. 

So call on your creative self and make your wedding an event to be remembered. Here are some ideas that can help you make the big day a great day.

Old & New

With new trends coming into play you can find innovative ways to keep the old and make room for the new. Your wedding can be both traditional and groundbreaking. 

Guest-centered details for close family and friends attending a small ceremony  go together with online streaming for those who can’t assist in person. 

Choose the traditions that are important for you and find new creative ways to include them in your celebration. Wear a heirloom paired with a new piece of jewelry, bring the old into a new light. It’s a different world now, use your imagination to give it your personal touch. 

Here comes the Bride… and Groom

A small wedding doesn’t have to be less elegant or spectacular, so don’t scale back on your wedding attire. Be the Bride of your dreams: wear the dress, the jewelry, the flowers. Shine!  After all it’s your big day, the one you will remember even when times and trends change.

Don’t forget the Groom. Go all out on style for him too. Specially designed cufflinks with his initials or your monogram can be a great gift for him and mark this special occasion.


Family comes first

True to the moment, brides and grooms are finding new ways to bring friends and family together in original and creative ways. Be it through online ceremonies, websites or social media. 

Wedding parties with dozens of bridesmaids are being substituted for just a maid of honor and best man, and more than ever these assignments are for very special people in the couple’s life. 

Give them a gift to remember this unique occasion: personalized jewelry with initials or birthstone will remind  them they are special and a part of your new family. 

Mothers of the bride and groom are also taking center stage more than ever. As weddings are becoming small and intimate celebrations, their presence is essential for bringing together the new families. Make them feel unique with an elegant gift of jewelry for them to wear that day.

As for the men in the family, make them feel appreciated and recognized. They are after all our better halves.

Treasure your love

In these changing times one thing we have learned is that love is essential.

Your wedding day is still one of the most important moments of your life together. Make it memorable for you and both your families. In the long run every detail will be a memory that you will treasure. 

Monograms and personalized jewelry are a way to capture the moment in a lasting way. Look for small details that will stand the test of time, just like your love. 

Cherish this moment be it big or small, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Are you ready for the new wedding season?


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