Mother's Day: tips for the perfect last minute gift.

May 05 2020 – Adriana Zamudio

Mother's Day: tips for the perfect last minute gift.
Mother's Day: tips for the perfect last minute gift.

Last minute gifting, we could make it a trend. Don't you think?. If you are like me, you either think too much about a gift without actually buying it, or remember at the last minute. That may turn into a very stressful situation that makes it even harder to pick the right gift. And when it comes to Mother's Day… well the bar is set even higher. Mom is that person for whom you want to have the perfect gift every time, and that can be a challenge.

Jewelry can be a wonderful last minute gift. A beautiful piece is always greatly valued, not only for its timeless worth but also because it creates a sentimental connection between the person giving the gift and the one receiving it: That connection is revived every time she wears the piece. 


To find the perfect gift for Mother's Day, consider her personality, style and what jewelry means for her. Every mom is different, so there is that one perfect piece that is unique for her. Here are some pointers to what she might like depending on her style: 

COLOR AND JOY: For the Mom that is just a ray of sunshine, happy, playful, lighthearted and regardless of her age, is always youthful, pieces with many colors and bright golden sparkles are the best. Flower earrings, hearts or star charms that take her to a happy moment.  Our rainbow collection is just right for her

SOFT AND SENSITIVE: Moms that are wonderful at bringing the family together, have always a soft spot for sentimental pieces. If your Wife, Mom or Grandma is that person that you can always count on to make you feel safe and warm, a great listener and always has great advice, think about giving her a charm that reminds her of her loved ones, a necklace with a special charm or a birthstone pair of earrings that will make her feel special every time she wears them.

Baroque Pearl Necklace Rose Gold with Diamonds Paper clip chain

PASSIONATE AND STRONG: She just can't keep still. She is a multitasker, loves adventures and rises up to every challenge. She encourages us to follow our dreams and never lets us give up. Her energy can compete with the sun. And it's that drive that makes her a trend setter because nothing scares her. She can pull off the newest styles and big, exotic pieces seem to be made just for her. So don't go small, match her greatness with a one of a kind set of earrings that will not go unnoticed.

BOLD AND ELEGANT: She is always there for you, she has answers for the toughest questions and solutions for almost any problem. She is reliable and will always have time to sit down and chat. She  likes simple and elegant designs, timeless pieces that can accessorize any occasion. Go for the elegant pieces that can stand the test of time and look as unique as she is.

Shipping is something to consider, for last minute shoppers. After all you still want the gift to arrive on time. So make sure to pick what is right for you. 

And if everything else fails and you still can't decide on which is the best piece to buy, you can always say “I love you” with a Gift Certificate that is both thoughtful and practical. 

You can make this Mother's Day extra special with a gift that is just right for her.


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