Life is a journey full of gifts...

As we grow up, we envision joy and happiness as nutrients to fulfill our soul, but also I realize that sadness and sorrow are part of that journey. 

One of my first great moments, was when I was child. My father gave me a small box beautifully gift wrapped, inside was so much more than a ring, it was the symbol of his love and caring. Now, years later, each time I look at that ring, I have the same emotions as the first time I opened that small box.

Then, a few years ago, I lost my mom very suddenly, besides the sorrow and pain, I knew that I needed to do something, so on my plane back home, I was reading a magazine and I noticed an ad for bracelets, and said to myself, this is something I can do in the mean time I mourned... This was one of those great moments, life gave me a  great gift, an opportunity that I transformed into gratitude, creativity and strength; what started as a hobby, became a business of sharing heritage, happiness, memories, joy, style, elegance and luxury. 

Since 2002, Adriana Fine Jewelry, has been a mother and daughter family owned company in San Diego, California.

On 2016 we created an online store as part of our commitment to innovation and to be closer to our customers.

We take pride in supervising every single part of the process. We start by choosing superb quality, highly crafted and unique designs from a carefully selected network of trusted jewelers. And then we guide our clients through the collections until they find the perfect piece, finishing their shopping experience with a timely delivery.

Adriana Fine Jewelry, creating lifetime moments for you and your loved ones.


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