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  • Ruby Earrings

    July 13 2020 – Adriana Zamudio

    6 Facts about July's Birthstone: Rubies

    July’s birthstone is the Enigmatic Ruby.  Owning a beautiful ruby is a rare and precious thing. They are one of the most sought out gemstones, for their value, their luscious color and the mystical history that they have. Here are some alluring facts you must know about Rubies:

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  • Gifts for the future: To the brave Class of 2020.

    May 19 2020 – Adriana Zamudio

    Gifts for the future: To the brave Class of 2020.

    Every year a new generation of graduates celebrate their hopes and dreams while we all congratulate them on a job well done and wish them success in the future ahead. But this year will be different. Proms and trips were cancelled, while well wishing has been limited to online cards, zoom meetings and drive by parties. Now we have virtual...

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  • Palermo Small Jewelry Box with Adriana Fine Jewelry

    February 18 2019 – Adriana Zamudio

    Top 5 reasons why you need a quality jewelry box

      Sometime ago, I was walking through a Jewelry show's exhibit floor when I found an aisle full of what appeared to be jewelry boxes. And they were, in fact, jewelry and watch boxes. All of them looked stunning, I was beyond enchanted. After seeing many of them, there was one that particularly caught my attention. Then, I opened it...

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