5 Things You Can Do to Keep the New Year Feeling All Year.

January 29 2021 – Adriana Zamudio

5 Things You Can Do to Keep the New Year Feeling All Year.
5 Things You Can Do to Keep the New Year Feeling All Year.
Every new year gives us a wonderful feeling and a fresh new beginning. It wipes away the old, the not so happy moments to open space for possibilities and change. Now that January is almost over our enthusiasm for the new year can start to wear off and with it our optimism. 
Keeping our spirits up can be a challenge as the year sets in, but it doesn't have to be that way. To maintain that new year feeling, here are 5 things we can do, that will keep the ball rolling and our diamonds shining.


  1.  Every day is a new beginning. 

Start it with a purpose: make a list of your activities, find a goal to achieve daily even if it is something small and accomplish it. Remember to look your best while you are doing it. Every new day gives you the opportunity to restart, find a routine that makes you feel confident. Wear your everyday jewelry,  a great outfit and a smile.


2. Resolutions and goals have different timing.

My grandmother used to say that the young want to eat up the world in one bite. As time goes by I understand what she meant. Pace yourself, there is no goal too big if you go at it one step at a time. Don't abandon your resolutions because you think they are too big, or difficult, take little bites. Remember even the smallest of diamonds shines big.


3. Do things that make you feel beautiful and strong. 

Do small things that have a big impact in your life. You will be surprised how a daily routine in the long run can give you great results. Wake up and smile, it will bring you joy. Dress in your favorite color, wear your fine jewelry, put on your makeup, take your confidence with you everywhere you go. 


4. Find partnerships that help you thrive.

Good friends are a treasure, so are great partnerships. Find like minded people that will help you with new ideas and help you stay on track and accountable. A business partner, a fitness buddy, even a life coach. 

At Adriana´s Fine Jewelry we are finding this year partners that share our passion for bringing beauty, elegance and joy for women. Stay tuned, on our instagram page so you too will benefit from our new relationships. 


5. Go back to basics.

Whenever you feel your energy dropping or your spirit failing, go back to basics: read a book, take a bath, sing your favorite song, wear a favorite charm, do something that brings you joy and remind yourself what it is you want to achieve. If you have a list of intentions, a written set of goals  or a vision board, go back to it and remember what you set out to gain and why. 


And one last thing, Celebrate! Life and living, love and friendship, family and career, every achievement no matter how small. Find in every situation a reason to celebrate. Send a gift, buy one for yourself, find your diamonds and make them shine. Make everyday a miracle worth celebrating. 


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