Which jewelry metal is the best fit for you?

September 02 2019 – Adriana Zamudio

Gold Necklaces from Adriana Fine Jewelry
Gold Necklaces from Adriana Fine Jewelry

A metal is a solid material that can be used to create jewelry pieces.

There are three types of metals; precious, base and alternative metals.


The precious metals are gold, platinum and silver, these are used the most often because they are strong, long wearing and can resist impact.


The base metals are copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead, and iron, these are usually combined with gold to create diverse colors like rose and white or to strengthen metals.


The alternative metals are tungsten, titanium, niobium, and stainless steel.


As you can see there are diverse metals you can use to create your jewelry pieces.


Learn from below which metals fit your lifestyle and select it for your next jewelry piece.





Gold resists corrosion and your jewelry won’t turn dark-gray and be damaged by the chemicals in the environment.

Gold can be combined with base metals to form white and rose gold. 

It is well known for everyday wear.


14K Yellow Gold Royal Cross


Men's 14K Yellow Gold Royal Cross set in Gold from Adriana Fine Jewelry



Tom leads a moderately active lifestyle. He likes to play sports with his friends, but you won’t catch him on the field every day.

When it comes to romance, he’s a traditionalist. What should he do to match his lifestyle?

Buy gold.

Coveted for its luster and beauty, gold is the traditional metal for wedding rings.  (AGS, 2019)




Platinum is a white metal that is harder to scratch than gold and silver.

It is highly resistant to tarnish, it won’t be damaged by the chemicals in the environment.

Ideal for complementing any gemstone.

Platinum is strong and heavier than other metals.

It is hypoallergenic, cannot cause allergic reaction in skin.


Faye Kim Design

Faye Kim Design in Platinum


Nancy keeps her schedule full, day and night. She needs jewelry that can keep up with her and can have the style she needs if a late business dinner leaves her running for the night club. What should Nancy do?

Invest in platinum.

This prestigious — and expensive — metal is hypoallergenic dense, heavy and scratch resistant. It fits an active style where a sense of class and elegance are desired, even while on the run. (AGS, 2019)



Pure white metal that is hypoallergenic, cannot cause allergic reaction in skin.

Harder than gold, yet softer than platinum.


Harriet Kelsall Ring Design set in Palladium

Harriet Kelsall Ring Design set in Palladium


Anna is young and active with many interests. But she also has sensitive skin, which white gold tends to irritate. Being young, she is still climbing the career ladder. What should she buy?


This is a popular choice among the young and active.

Palladium, unlike white gold, is naturally white. Palladium is also less expensive than platinum and can be sized and polished. (AGS, 2019)



White metal with a bright shine that can complement any gemstone.

Silver does not resist tarnish; turn dark-gray with the chemicals of the environment but tarnish can be removed by polishing the jewelry piece.

Mini Disk Necklace set in Silver from Adriana Fine Jewelry 

Mini Disk Necklace set in Silver from Adriana Fine Jewelry



Evelyn likes to wear jewelry every day. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces — and she likes to wear different jewelry often. What should she buy?


Silver is the softest — and the least expensive — of the fine metals. Since it scratches easily, it is best used for jewelry that is not worn daily.

Since it is inexpensive, silver allows you to have many pieces you can switch out. (AGS, 2019)



Lightweight metal in a silver-gray color.

Pure titanium is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t cause allergic reactions or

skin discoloration.

Metalsmiths; people that work with metals, have difficulty working with titanium since the metal is very strong. Rings cannot be sized and in an emergency, it is much harder to cut off than other metals.


Bespoke bracelet set in Titanium from Suzanne Syz


Bespoke bracelet set in Titanium from Suzanne Syz


Gary is active. He likes sports, and he often helps his wife in the garden. He’s found he often forgets to remove his gold wedding ring, and it is covered in scratches. What should Gary do?

Purchase titanium. (AGS, 2019)

Now that you have learned about the most popular metals, which metal would you choose to create your first or next jewelry piece:

Gold, platinum, palladium, silver or titanium

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    It did catch my attention when you said that gold won’t turn dark gray and can be combined with base metals to form white and rose gold. This must be a good tip for my sister who is interested in custom jewelry pieces that she can daily wear, She wants a custom necklace that will match her daily outfit, so I will ask her to consider your tips.

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